PTC ENGINEERING, INC., a California corporation, was established in 1983 as a repair facility with primary emphasis on the refurbishment of capstan and reel motor assemblies for the various longitudinal tape recorders and reproducers.
For more than a decade PTC ENGINEERING has continually strived to offer our customers, in both government and industry, ever expanding product services. As a result, not only has our customer base grown so has their confidence and satisfaction in our ability to fulfill their requirements. Satisfaction is also a result of our ability to provide quality at highly competitive firm fixed prices while minimizing system downtime - most repairs can be completed within ten working days.
We support equipment manufactured by OEM's such as AMPEX, DATATAPE, METRUM, RACAL, PENNY & GILES, LORAL, etc..


Refurbishment of CAPSTAN and REEL motor assemblies remains our largest product activity. Motors sent to our facility with rubber coated capstans are upgraded to our more durable polyurethane elastomer material which can withstand a greater range of environmental conditions as well as the use of a wide variety of cleaning solvents. Many motors are available for direct exchange or purchase.



Our continued expansion has resulted in maintaining a wide range of parts in stock for the various tape recorder/reproducers such as pinch rollers, drive and signal electronics, head assemblies or a fully rebuilt recorder. Contact us for availability of parts for your specific requirement.

We are always happy to answer questions or offer assistance. Contact us for additional information on services and product availability.

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